Cassandra Spohn

Artistic Director, Studio C Company Director and Choreographer

Originally from Ohio, Cassandra received her B.A. in Media Communications and Dance from Otterbein University. Performing in several musicals, Dance Concerts, distinction projects and choreography workshops, Cassandra began honing in on her craft as a performer and choreographer, while contiuning to focus on her communications degree as well.

A passionate dancer and musican throughout her life, Cassandra double- majored in dance and music at Toledo School for the Arts where she graduated from high school. She contiuned to teach, perform and choreograph throughout Ohio and SE Michigan until 2014, when she moved to south Florida.

Upon moving to Florida, Cassandra contiuned to teach and choreograph throughout south Florida at studios and performing arts centers and has had the opportunity to work with pre-professional dancers inclduing the Palm Beach Makos and (former) Strikers Dance Team.

It has always been a dream for Cassandra to open her own facility to instruct the next generation of  dancers and pass on her love, passion and appreciation for dance.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”-
Martha Graham

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